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To Our Fans

When WISHBONE made its television debut in 1995, it asked its young viewer to take a leap of imagination along with the main character. With each episode, a live-action Jack Russell terrier would imagine himself as the hero in a classic novel and invite his audience to go along as he defeated the sheriff of Nottingham, journeyed to the center of the Earth, founded Rome, confronted the Headless Horseman, tracked down the hound of the Baskervilles, shouldered the labors of Hercules, napped for 20 years and fell in love with the beautiful Juliet.

And, of course, viewers responded -- making WISHBONE an instant success. Along the way, the tale-wagging pup picked up awards, including four Emmys and a Peabody. He appeared in People magazine and on The Tonight Show. He's even been part of a Jeopardy! category. In short -- so to speak -- our sartorial storyteller has become a popular icon.

And whom do we have to thank? Well, among other people, we want to thank our fans -- all of you -- for your loyalty, suggestions and appreciation of our goal to retell some of the world's greatest stories in a fun and relevant way.

The WISHBONE library of Big Red Chair and Little Red Chair books is now complete. As always, you'll be able to find WISHBONE books at your local bookstores, school and public libraries. Discover one you haven't read, or re-read an old favorite! There are 26 Adventures and 24 Mysteries in the WISHBONE library, as well as five books for younger readers. (For a complete list, check out our index.)

And Worldwide Wishbone is still a place for fun and games, information about the books and original episodes and educational resources.

It all started because of a little dog with a big imagination. The rest is up to you! Keep reading, and you'll find your own buried treasure. Woo-cha!