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WISHBONE is a live-action television series that brings books to life for kids and their families. In each episode, the star — a friendly Jack Russell terrier with an overactive imagination — leaps into another adventure with human owner Joe Talbot and his friends in their hometown of Oakdale.

Of course, these adventures spark Wishbone's imagination, and he's reminded of a favorite classic story in which he is the hero!

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Looking for an episode that features a certain classic novel? A favorite actor? Or maybe just a really funny scene involving Wishbone and one of Wanda's flamingoes? Here's a rundown — in alphabetical order — on all of the WISHBONE episodes!

Video clips from "Moonbone," "Rushin' to the Bone," and "A Tail in Twain" can be found in the episode lists below!

"Bark That Bark" through "The Entrepawneur"
"Fleabitten Bargain" through "Little Big Dog"
"Mixed Breeds" through "Rushin' to the Bone"
"Salty Dog" through "War of the Noses"

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WISHBONE's Pedigree

Check out this blue-ribbon list of awards for the WISHBONE television show!